An easy-to-use beginner's guide on how to build a website!

Why you'll love this tutorial

Obviously, you've landed here because you want to learn
how to build a website from scratch and this simple tutorial will help you out. Here are 3 main reasons why you are going to love this tutorial:

Super Easy

It's perfect for beginners with no prior web design knowledge and technical skills.

Modern Design

Your website will look gorgeous and extremely trendy with no effort.

Fully Free

There are no subscriptions and trials. Don't pay to create free website and earn money.

Here are just 3 simple and easy to follow steps on how to make your own website for your business

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a web design software created especially for users who lack programming skills and want to know how to make your own website. If you are a small business owner and don't have time for creating a landing page or just don't want to waste time hiring web designers to accomplish this work for you, so Mobirise is the best tool for you in this case.

how to build your own website

As you've already guessed, Mobirise is an offline web design software which sometimes is more beneficial for users rather than using online web design tools.
To get to know Mobirise and how to make your own website with it, we just go through a few simple steps.

  • First of all, download Mobirise from the official website. Don't fear to do this - Mobirise is completely safe and free.
  • Once you've got the Mobirise zip file, unpack it and start the installation. It will last no longer than one minute - so fast that you won't even notice.
  • Launch the application and the first thing you'll be asked for is to sign up. This way you will create your account in order to manage your projects, themes, and extensions. Sign up with just a couple of clicks (Use your Facebook or Google accounts or your email address).
how to make your own website

How to make your own website in Mobirise

Mobirise has many advantages you will surely figure out when working with it. In order to make it easier for you, we listed all the major points that are convincing enough for you to decide to start working on your first Mobirise-based project:

  • Latest frameworks - Mobirise is initially based on Bootstrap 3 and then changed to Bootstrap 4. After that, Mobirise started to support Google AMP Pages. The Bootstrap framework is a powerful basis for the majority of websites today. Due to this, web pages can resize properly accommodating any device screen. The AMP Pages is a recent trend from Google. It allows web pages to load as quickly as possible that lets website visitors be focused on the content of your website.
  • Unlimited websites - Once you become a Mobirise user, you will get the freedom to build as many websites as you want. There are no restrictions in this department.
  • Free of charge - Indeed, you are able to create your own page for free. Mobirise offers both free and paid solutions. But free templates allow you to build websites that look as beautiful and professional as those built with premium ones.
  • No coding - No need to write even a single line of code. Mobirise has done everything to make you manage your projects playing with parameters and editing pages directly.
  • User-friendly app interface - Mobirise creators tried really hard to make their application as convenient for clients as possible: one panel to manage your account and app settings located to the left, another panel with website sections is placed to the right, on the top are layout switchers, publish and preview buttons - all that looks simple and easy-to-understand.
how to create a website

Creating a website with Mobirise

  • SEO-friendly - Web pages built with Mobirise get ranked higher in the Google search results. It's up to all the technologies described above and unique designs you can easily customize.
  • Responsive design - Mobirise websites fit every device's screen automatically, so your website will look perfect whatever tool you're using: desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Fast loading websites  - Thanks to AMP, Mobirise-driven pages load quickly in comparison to usual HTML pages. It saves your website audience's time what's beneficial for both parts.
  • Modern look and feel - Your website will look up-to-date because Mobirise puts all the new technologies and trends that are common and trendy today in its page templates.
  • Additional features - Have you known that you still are able to code with Mobirise? Or include a social feed or comment boxes on your website? Or make it GDPR-compliant? All this and much more is possible through Mobirise extensions. With them, you will get your website to a higher level.
  • Many templates - Now Mobirise provides over 30 multipurpose templates. Every template delivers a unique design. Moreover, the majority of them are interchangeable - this means you can use parts of one template in another template - what else do you need to make your web page look even more unique?


1. Choose a template

As mentioned above, Mobirise provides you with many various modern website templates and you will find an appropriate one for your business for sure.
Mobirise supports you with standard themes available for any user that can show you the way how to make your own website for free. Those are:

Create professional website

Mobirise 3

It's based on Bootstrap 3. It wows you with the beauty and simplicity of fonts, buttons, colors, and other website elements. It enables you to forge super-simple looking pages in no time.

Create a website from scratch

Mobirise 4

One of the most frequently used themes. It's built on the latest 4 version of Bootstrap delivering pretty much all the features that are sufficient for building a fully functional website.

Create site free

Mobirise AMP

This theme combines simplicity and responsiveness without losing efficiency and beauty. Fast loading time and focus on the content are the core advantages of using this theme.

Mobirise themes

There is a fair amount of topic-focused themes and templates Mobirise delivers to its customers. All these themes were developed to implement key features that are native to certain working fields and business spheres. Below you will discover the latest templates that will help you learn how to make your own website quickly.

Mobirise Website Builder Templates

To choose a theme, open the application and head to the right-placed dashboard where you will find the Sites tab. Click on it to make the site projects window roll out and then click on the big plus button with the "Create New Site" caption. Here you see all the themes you currently have at your disposal. More templates are available in the Extensions tab of the afore-said dashboard.

Make own website

Choosing a Mobirise theme

To start your new project, type its name in the field, choose a theme you like and press OK.

2. Customize your project

Drag and drop blocks

As soon as you got started your whole new project, there will be an empty blank page and an arrow showing at a red round button. When you click on it, the left panel will pop up. Here are separate website sections or blocks. The quantity and designs of blocks can vary depending on the theme you've chosen.

Mobirise blocks

If you take a closer look, you will see that all blocks are divided into categories. Those can be present in every Mobirise template as well as appear only in some specific themes.

Mobirise Themes and Templates

Almost each and every theme has the following blocks:

  • Responsive menus Menus are standard sections that everyone uses. Mobirise gathered popular types of menus that you will discover in various themes. Mobirise menus are responsive: they transform to a "hamburger" button that let the menu items drop down when clicked on it. 
  • Headers - Blocks with page titles and call-to-action buttons that you usually place at the very top of your page. You can have colors, pictures, and videos with a color overlay effect in the background of your header.
  • Galleries and carousels  -  Usually these are simple and easy blocks with boxed and full-screen images and videos placed in a masonry grid. You can click on a gallery item to open an amazing slider with beautiful transitions.
  • Features - Blocks that consist of Bootstrap cards: some boxes in a row with images or icons, titles, descriptions, and buttons. An excellent way to highlight some key points or list up something.
  • Contact forms - Use it to get feedback from your customers that can write to you directly from your web page. It's really simple to set up a Mobirise contact form: you need only to enter your email address to start receiving messages.
  • Footers - A block at the bottom of your page with your company and contact information.

In order to place a block on your page, you can just click on it or drag-and-drop it directly where you plan it to be. Fill your web page with different blocks as much as you desire, there are no limitations.

Create a unique website

Working with Mobirise blocks

Once all the blocks you need are on your page, you can rearrange them by clicking on the "Drag block" button in the right top corner of the blocks and dragging them up and down the page to fit it in wherever you want.

Design your website

Mobirise provides design settings for each block on your page. For example, you can change the color of your menu, the number of your cards, background images, overlay opacity, top and bottom paddings and more. You are also able to add or remove things from your page like buttons, titles, captions etc.

Moreover, there is the site styles panel with such parameters as global buttons colors, a rounded buttons effect, and scrolling animation. To find this panel, go to Sites and click on the blue Brush button in the top right corner of your project.

Create your website

Site Styles Panel

Edit the content

With Mobirise you have more design options rather than just settings: you can edit your page's text and elements directly in the app.

How to build a website from scratch

How to edit the content

Write your text instead of theme samples, style it bold or italic, change the font size and type in the above said Site Styles panel with no struggling at all.
Add your own images and videos in the background of blocks, replace pictures in galleries and sliders.

Special features

Mobirise allows you to have some features that are vital for modern websites implemented for free. They work as Mobirise extensions and can be used to make your website function more dynamic.

Create my website

Instagram Feed extension

Mobirise Extensions

Those are Google Analytics, additional icons, PayPal shopping cart, SoundCloud integration, social feed and comments, cookies alert, and SEO settings.
These extensions allow you to add more social media traffic to your website, enhance its SE-friendliness, include some eCommerce features and much more.

Look under the hood

Build your website

If you need a more unique design for your website and have coding skills, you are welcome to edit the code of your pages. For this, you will need the Code Editor extension. This will empower you to edit code snippets of blocks you have on your website and also include additional code to and sections. These features will expand your abilities as to your website's functionality and design.

Manage pages

Mobirise enables you to add as many pages as you want. Just go into Pages and click on "Create new page". Moreover, you can clone an existing page in order not to recreate a similar looking page from scratch. The same works for projects: you can copy the entire website to make a version in another language, for instance.

How to start a website

Managing pages

In Page Settings, you can conveniently write the page title and description and also change the page URL.

3. Publish your website

The last important thing you care about is putting your website online. Learn here how to publish your website. Mobirise offers 4 options to you in this department.

  • Free hosting
  • Local folder
  • FTP
  • Github Pages
  • Free hosting - Publish your website to an inbuilt subdomain you come up yourself with. You will go live with your web page just in seconds. Your site will have an SSL certificate automatically. You can publish to 3 subdomains from your own Mobirise account and the number of pages, space and bandwidth are unlimited.
  • Local folder - This is a way of publishing you use when you just need to upload your site files to your hosting server just the way you want. This option gives you the freedom to use any hosting solution that is convenient and cost-efficient for you.
  • FTP  - Mobirise lets you publish web pages via an FTP connection. Just put your FTP server credentials and press "Publish" and your website will be live.
  • Github Pages- The last option is for those who want to use the best of the free Github Pages hosting. Create your Github account and put your website under a subdomain as easily as possible.


Download Mobirise and learn for free how to make your own website with no coding required.


Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your own website in a more convenient way.


After configuring the website, and programming the FTP, once it uploads to the web the formatting is completely off. I'm sending you a copy of the webpage as it should be in a copy of the webpage as it appears on the Internet. I've contacted the Webmaster and they have assured me that everything is, I need to know how to resolve this problem? If you can communicate back as soon as possible?

Try to re-upload your website on the hosting and make sure that you didn't miss some of the site files in a process of uploading. Please read this easy website builder tutorial.

Create a website and at the time of publishing, I chose the LOCAL UNIT FOLDER option. You are saving a folder that is being added to HTML, but it is not saved. I do not know if it's something not my computer. I realize that my computer is blocking the HTML files.

Please provide more information and related screenshots so we could help you to resolve your problem.
Do you have any error messages? Also, describe step-by-step how are you publishing?

I am experiencing a data distortion between the time that I create a design and publish the design when using Mobirise. The colors that I have selected in the application are not showing the same on the internet after the page is published. Is there anything technical support can do to eliminate the persistence of this problem.

Try to clean the cache of your browser.
If it won't help then it seems that some of your scripts/stylesheets weren't loaded (you can check it in your browser console).
Try to re-upload your website on the hosting and make sure that you didn't miss some of the site files in a process of uploading.

I'm writing because I used Mobirise to create a website for my University club. I'm now passing off the website responsibilities to another student, however when they use my login information on their computer the website I created is not visible on my account. Is it possible to manage and edit the site from different computers using the same username/ password info?

It is not possible because all projects are stored locally.
Use export-import features to transfer the projects from one PC to another

Just wanted to know the process of hosting website created by mobirise through godaddy domain. I have purchased domain from go daddy and would like to know how to publish website via filezilla with godaddy domain name

Please, check these tutorial articles -

First off, thank you for telling us how to make your own website in this easy way. The colour of my font isn't updating when I publish the site. It should be black and black is selected in the platform but this title is publishing as yellow. How do I fix this? When you hover over my serves on the selection bar at the top, it automatically goes to this page without the user initiating the click. Thanks for your help.

Try to clean the cache of your browser. If it won't help then it seems that some of your scripts/stylesheets weren't loaded (you can check it in your browser console). Try to re-upload your website on the hosting and make sure that you didn't miss some of the site files in a process of uploading.

Will it be possible to add a google translator widget onto each page and how will we go about doing that? I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Such feature is not supported. You can try to implement it through Code Editor extension or with manual code editing of the locally published site files but we can't guarantee that it will work. Sorry, but we don't provide support about custom coding. Check our forum - our users often share useful and interesting solutions for different tasks.

Hello and thank you for the information above on how to make your own website. I have used your software to build my own website, but i wish i could create something like a blog... Something that wouldn’t be parallax and one page only... Can the software make something like that?

Mobirise doesn't offer blogging features, but you can use the front-end design of Mobirise for your blog.

I've designed my website using your program, but every time I try to save or publish it I receive an error. Whenever I try to save my site, I notifies me that some files (pictures) are missing. I don't know what to do about this, because every time I look in the picture library I see all the pictures used for my site. Whenever I try to publish my site, it tells me: error: permission denied. This might be because I have not linked it to a root folder, but I've tried different root folders and none of them worked. A couple of weeks ago, I changed the location of the website files to the desktop of my computer. I'm not sure of course, but I'm afraid I've created the error by doing this. Might this be the case? Do you know a way to make sure all my files are in the right place (where should I save my files) without losing my whole website? I'm hoping you know what might be the problem and am looking forward to hearing from you.

Please check your FTP data, also you can try to publish your site with the unchecked option Publish changes only. Try to publish your site to a local folder, and upload it to your hosting, check if you have issues with it. Could you please make sure that Mobirise is able to connect to the Internet directly. Your proxy/antivirus/firewall may prevent it. Also please try to log out and log in again into the Mobirise app (open the Account tab to find the Logout button).

First of all, I'd like to say 'Thank you so much' for creating this web building platform for the world and giving people this opportunity to learn how to make your own website. It's very easy for non-techy users. By the way, I'd like to know how to make multi-languages website and has an icon to switch between languages.

Sorry, but multilingual site feature isn't supported. You'll have to make separate versions of your website. Clone your website with cloning feature and change its content in the required language.

Im using your tool for a few weeks now, its working really nice and it's insteresting to learn how to make your own website with it. One small suggestion. It would be really helpful if you could search in the blocks that can be added. If i look for an intro or a feature block i always have to scroll trough all the list which takes the most time right now. A second thing, the media view is really slow if i want to add an image to the page it takes half a minute up to a minute until the photo list is displayed. Thanks for the useful tool. Im a developer by myself but always too lazy to bring up pages for my products since they take up such a huge amount of work. this tool helps me to correct this.

We'll provide your suggestion to our developers. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for this super tutorial on how to make your own website. I was wondering if you would have a theme containing the following functionalities: - a block with customisable TABS that will change not only the text but also an image associated with each tab. - will let me customize button shape (such as height and width)

Thank you for your suggestions. I've just forwarded your request to our development team.

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