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Nowadays businesses grow rapidly. Starting out on something new requires quick decisions and solutions. Obviously, any kind of business needs a web page that perfectly represents what it is about. Website development is really a tedious process. You're lucky to have stubled upon this page since this Web Page Maker is one of the quickest ways of creating a website that looks and functions not nearly so bad and even better than websites built manually by web developers.

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Web Page Maker in Action

This web page maker allows people with basic PC knowledge to start their own website in an extremely easy manner. You don't have to spend days to create a website: you can build one in a matter of minutes in case you have prepared all of your contents. The most important thing is that the Web Page Maker provides its services for free!

Free Web Page Maker

Looking to build an awesome website with top-notch designs? Try Mobirise that will prove to you that creating one is that easy! Download it now, it's free!

Web Page Maker Features

Mobirise Web Page Maker is a tool that comes along with a lot of advantages you can benefit from. Here is the list of the major features you need to know of when considering Mobirise.

Ease of use

If you have zero knowledge of HTML/CSS, Mobirise Web Page Maker is the right website design software for you. You can easily choose a template and edit it in an convenient way due to the simple app interface, visual design features and easy app navigation. Watch the video to see what Mobirise offers.

Awesome styles

There are over 75 ready-made website templates that contains by and large 3500 blocks. Each theme has from 50 to 100 blocks. The cool thing is that you can edit these blocks easily, create absolutely unique designs, mix blocks between themes and much more. This will allow you to build a website nobody has ever seen before!

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Free software

Basically, Mobirise Website Maker is totally free for both commercial and non-profit use. You can download it for free and choose a free theme to start with. Even with this free setup, you can make awesome things with Mobirise! But if you'd like to have more features and themes, you can get them at a huge discount!

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You really don't have to care about how your website is going to look on smartphones: Mobirise Web Page Maker has already got you covered. Each and every theme is naturally responsive without any pre-settings required! Moreover, the offline website builder allows you to have nice tablet and mobile views in case you need to check your website on these devices and make some changes.

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Drag and drop

This is a real pleasure to work with Mobirise since it's based on Drag and Drop! You can drag blocks onto your page and within your page in a simple move. Mobirise also provides you with an inline editor that makes it possible for you to edit text in an easy way. It's also possible to sample images using Drag and Drop. It's so simple that you don't need to be guided to start working with Mobirise!

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Google AMP

Google AMP or AMP Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a new webdev library for websites, emails and ads created by Google. AMP themes of the Web Page Maker allow for building sites that load quickly and display perfectly on smartphones.

Bootstrap 4

With Bootstrap 4, one of the leading web development frameworks, Mobirise offers responsive and effectively performing designs. The framework makes it possible to create modern full-fledged websites conveniently!


Follow this easy tutorial to learn how to create an eye-catching website in a few simple steps using the best web page maker!

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Download the Web Page Maker and install it on your PC, laptop or smartphone in a matter of minutes!

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Modify the selected template in a visual way! Change text, images, videos, adjust simple parameters, drag and drop new blocks!

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Choose one of the themes offered in the application, type your site name and you're ready to move on.


Publish your website wherever you want: in your local folder, to GitHub Pages, to your server with GTP or to Mobirise server!

How-to video

You don't know how to use the Web Page Maker? This simple video tutorial will teach you quickly how to create a website within minutes!


Web Page Maker Kit

Mobirise Kit allows you to get all of premium themes and extensions at a hugely discounted price!
There are over 75 cool themes and 3400 blocks!