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Last updated on . There are many ways of how to get your business online. You can create a page on Facebook or Instagram, you can launch your Youtube channel. But the most popular method remains the same: creating your own website.
The main reason to build one is you have a full control over your website appearance and functionalities. At the first sight, creating a web page does sound complicated, but it's actually not due to tools like website builders.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

Website Builder in Action

Website Builder is a web design tool that works either online or offline. You can download offline website maker and use on your device. This is how Free Website Builder works.
This website builder program allows web design newbies as well as experienced web developers to create professional web pages intuitively and visually without any coding. 

Free Website Builder

Need a slick web page for your next idea or project? Look no further! Mobirise is a great Free Website Builder that will help you build your own site with no effort at all! Download the app for free now!

What is Website Builder?

Website Builder is a web design program that can be used both online and offline to create websites. You may download offline website maker to your PC and use them on your mobile device.
Free website builder program enables both novice and expert web developers to construct beautiful web sites intuitively and aesthetically, without the need for any coding knowledge or experience. We at Website Builder are dedicated to providing you with greater flexibility and functionality when it comes to constructing a website. Free website builder is designed to be used by individuals who do not have any programming skills, therefore it is simple to use and user-friendly in design. More information about the features and benefits of utilizing this website maker can be found below.

Free tool

With Website Builder, you can build sites for free. No one will charge you or ask for payment as you can use free starndard themes and templates once you download and install the application. Even though the themes are provided for free, Mobirise supports many features enough to make a stable and good looking web site from scratch.

Catchy themes

The website builder is known for many eye-catching themes and templates. Now there are over 140 themes any user can easily get started with. Each theme contains up to 3 ready-developed templates and from 50 to 120 appealing and unique web blocks. These blocks are used to build your site like a house stone by stone which examplifies the simplicity of the Free Website Builder. Overall, there are more than 5500 blocks and this is why you can build a completely unique site layout.

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Mobile-first rule means any website should be responsive, in other words, it should resize and fit the screen of any device just perfectly. This was implemented in Page Maker: each and every site is mobile-friendly by default and you don't have to tweak it at all.

free website builder

Offline Maker

There are online and offline website builder and each type has its perks. As you already know, Mobirise is an offline/local/desktop website builder. You can download and install it within seconds on your PC, laptop or smartphone. Further, you can use it even if you don't have any internet connection wherever you are. Once your web site is ready, you can publish your site locally in one click.

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The most important feature worth mentioning is WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get. This principle is shown in the website design software: you actually see how your page look like while designing it and before publishing it online. With the visual editor, you can change any part of your web pages and watch exactly how your website is going to look like in a browser. 

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New tech

Website Builder is based on the newest technologies such as the latest version of Bootstrap framework and the Accelerated Mobile Pages developed by Google.

Top extensions

Maker offers lots of extensions which enhance the website's performance, easen the web development, provide many integrations and allow more customization. 


All websites created with the Website Builder are seach english friendly due to the in-built Google technologies, mobile-friendliness of websites and unique designs.

Simple tutorial

Here is a simple step-by-step guide for those who are not familiar with the Website Builder or web design at all. Follow this super-simple instruction and you will make your first website in a matter of minutes!

web  maker

Download the app

To quickly get started, go to and download the Free Website Builder. Once downloaded, install it on your PC or laptop within seconds. Launch the app and you are ready to start working on your own website!

Modify a template

You can pick one of free templates your future website will be based on. You are free to modify a website as you want: add pages, edit their titles, descriptions, change the look of site by using the visual inline editor and block parameters.

Publish your website

Now your site is ready. You have had a nice preview of your site in the app switching between mobile, tablet and desktop views (yes, it's possible, too). It's time to publish the the ready website to your local folder, * server, to your server with FTP and to GitHub Pages.

How-to video

This video shows you exactly how to create a simple website using one of web themes. You will learn how easy to use the website builder is!

Frequently Asked Questions

Website maker and builder is a tool that allow people with any web design background to create fully functioning websites. Website Builders can severely simplify the web development workflow since all of the modern website makers follow WYSIWYG rules.

Website Builders are the best option in case you looking to create a website as fast as possible. You can create your site all by yourself and always have control over how it's going to look like. Moreover, you will spend much more money hiring web designers/developers as opposed to using a website Maker.

Mobirise is the most popular offline free website maker that's also noted as the easiest web design app for building small or medium sites without programming/coding.

Yes, it is. You can download the app, build your first website using free themes and host it at no cost. As a rule, Mobirise free services can cover everything needed for creating a simple and good-looking website. If you need deeper customization, you can always get premium themes and extensions.

You can build your own website just following these 3 simple steps: download and install Website Builder (1), start with a free template and edit it with ease (2), publish the website locally or online with the free hosting (3).

Sure! As soon as your website is ready, just pick the name and publish the website to * just like that. You will be able to share it with your customers, friends and colleagues easily. It's free.

It's up to you which website Maker suits you best. If you need a slick landing page, online resume or any other kind of small or medium-sized website, Mobirise will be the perfect match for you. In case you're looking for more design freedom, try using Wix or Squarespace. If you consider building an e-Commerce website, you can go for Shopify.

Building a simple and beautiful website for your personal or business needs with Website Builder can take you less than an hour provided that you already have your content prepared.

Free Website Builder provides you with shop blocks. These have product cards with titles, descriptions, prices and photos that can be customized in an easy manner. You can use the Shopping Cart extension in order for your visitors to be able to add items to a shopping cart and proceed to checkout with PayPal.

If you have the Code Editor extension, you can edit the HTML and CSS files of your pages right in the app. Moreover, you can publish your site on your local hard drive and edit it however you want!

Mobirise Kit is an all-in-one pack that includes all of the premium themes and extensions. This allows you to create complicated and full-fledged websites with completely unique design and lots of integrations. The Kit is always offered at a hugely discounted price compared to individual themes.

Yes, it definitely will. Mobirise is built in compliance with the newest technologies supported and developed by Google. For example, website builder offers lots of themes based on Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for creating super-fast websites.

What experts say

Looking for a responsive and SEO-friendly website based on HTML, CSS and JS without any hassle? At no cost? Here you go!

Mobirise Free Website Builder is sincerely great, fully customer-oriented and just perfect for building state-of-the-art web pages just like that!

In case people ask me about what website Maker I would recommend when it comes to building complete eye-catching websites for free, I always say Mobirise. I'm really happy with it!

Building websites with Mobirise is like playing a game to me: it's easy, simple and fun to produce web pages that look best in our mobile universe!

It is one of the first solutions that come in handy when people like me get to know web design and Bootstrap. I like that I don't have to deal with the code at all!

Mobirise is the easiest web design tool for making websites that look flawless on both mobiles and desktops. No wonder why there are so many people that are in love with it!

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Emily Scott

I can't seem to connect my built site to my domain (hostgator). I have tried following the instructions but I am faced with a 404 error every time. I can't even see the site on the your site purchased last week. Any assistance would be great. :)


Your site seems to be unavailable. Please try to publish your site to the hosting once again.

Joe Fischer

Thank you for this great service. I’m a subscribed user and I see great value in your services, but I feel that it is missing a very important part.
I did not see an option to add basic HTML text in it. For example, I want to have a normal text section and have the ability to format the text color, underline, link…
Also add tables.
Please let me know if I’m missing something and was not able to see this simple block.
Kind Regards,


It is not possible currently, sorry. If you have a paid plan then you can download the finished website and embed the code through a manual code editing.

Caro Stewart

Hi there,
your maker is just amazing. Ome question though. With the updated version there is a button with "Page was designed with Free Website Maker" on the bottom of the page. Because of that my footer is not working right and showing a white space. Is there a way to remove it? In the old version it is still working fine.
Thanks for this great tool.


Hi! Do you have a Code Editor? In themes M4 and M5 it can be turned off only if you have a Code Editor(Account tab > App settings > Code Editor settings)As a workaround, you can remove this site section through a manual code editing of the locally published site files.

Caro Stewart

Hi there,
thanks for your fast answer. Unfortunately we don’t have the Code Editor. We are a small non-profit organization and are rebuilding our Website at the moment. Your program is really great because it makes it so easy to be creative and don’t worry about the code :). Is there a possibility that you can support us by giving us access to the Code Editor or maybe other features? We can list you in return as a Sponsor / Supporter on our Website.
We are a german ngo working with young people around the world by empowering them through art, film and music.
It would be great if something would be possible.
Thanks for your wonderful program and support.


Please contact us at

Tom Jackson

I'm using this website maker for my web site, and that is great tool.
Now I have in plan to add web shop. I was looking you have extensions "ShopAMP", "CommerceM4".
I need web shop for clothes, and payment methods over credit cards (VISA, MASTER), and payment on the door step (at delivery).
So can you please advise me which extension is best solution for my needs so I can buy that.
Thanx on your support


You can use our PayPal Shopping Cart extension along with one of our e-Commerce themes.

Ryan Sanders

Hello! First off, I really enjoy using Movirise free website maker. It is a great tool to create modern and functional websites. Having stored my projects on an external hard drive, I appreciate that I do all my work on a Mac, Laptop or Tablet.

Lately I have been having some issues with the Instagram plugin. It keeps saying "Error downloading Instagram Data". I've tried reinstalling the site maker, plugin and making sure the profile is public. Sometimes it appears fine within the website, however once I export it does not show anymore.

As I have been using your web maker for many years now, I will gladly report bugs I noticed as I see them. Keep up the good work. I'm not resentful of anything, and Mobirise was not instrumental in getting me to this position. For the last 23 years, I've worked as a professional developer. I also never said that I was planning to leave. Mobirise is one of the tools in my toolkit, and I find it to be fairly useful for the tasks I use it for - quick prototyping and basic website creation. Just because I suggested an alternative to Mobisirse doesn't imply that I don't think it's worthwhile. In fact, I have recently renewed my membership. My toolset has expanded to include Webflow, and for more complicated sites or apps, I use JS/CSS/HTML.

You also attempted to put words in my mouth by insinuating that I had a business relationship with Webflow, which is completely false. Yes, Webflow has a plethora of add-on items and themes that may be purchased with "credits" (which you buy with money). A couple themes and all of their add-on components were worth $100 to me, so I spent another $100 on another "free website builder." *shrug* So, what exactly is your argument?
You are correct in stating that Mobi is ideal for folks who are unable or unwilling to grasp how this stuff truly works but yet want to call themselves wedding designers. Webflow takes a little more expertise, but it also does a great deal more than Mobi Website Maker. Each one is an excellent tool for a certain purpose.


Instagram is banning users by IP because of too many requests, unfortunately, right now we don't have a fix, our developers are looking for a solution.
Sorry for the inconvenience. 

James Walter

It looks awesome! Please confirm, however, that it is really "free". I am amazed at how professional it looks. I’m unskilled at this. And assume that the search engines will pick it up without my having to add meta-tags. If it is truly free, boy, am I happy. Hope you can write back today, so I’ll know in the morning. Thanks for your time and outstanding app on the Apple Mac store. Respectfully, James.


You can download and use Mobirise for free! All things required for building a simple eye-catching website are included. For more design freedom, please take a look at our premium themes and extensions.

Briana Adams

I was not able to find a maker click and drag section with multiple videos on it. Three in a row is what I'm looking for to display videos in a video agency I'm building. I've tried playing around with the html block but keep messing it up. A click and drag where you could edit the default video by inserting an iframe into the existing and nicely formatted html would be absolutely amazing.


Please contact us at and provide more information and related screenshots so we could help you resolve your problem.

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